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The Atkins Diet

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It is no doubt that the Atkins Diet plan is very popular among those who want to lose weight, although nutritionists and doctors may dispute it. The Atkins Diet is widely known as a low-carbohydrate diet which has gained its popularity since the first time of its creation.  One of the things that cause controversy of the Atkins Diet revolves around how much carbohydrate should a person get rid of gradually or when to start eliminating the carbs. On the other hand, both dieters as well as nutritionists will agree that too much bad carbs is not healthy.

The Foundation of Carbohydrate

low carb food chart atkins diey recipesIf you ever wondered what happens when you eat too much carbohydrate, the answer is that your insulin will become less effective. The quick increase of energy caused by the stimulation of insulin by carbs is sometimes called a “sugar rush”. Therefore, if you reduce carbs it means that the body will have to use the excessive fat instead of insulin to provide you with energy.

So, does the diet work? You may lose weight with Atkins Diet recipes, but you should be aware that the Atkins Diet can be too much.  The reason is that besides burning the excessive fat, it will also burn the muscle which plays a significant role in burning the fat when you are not in an active condition. Therefore, nutrition experts recommend that you should not continue doing Atkins Diet for a long term purpose, although it may give you results at the beginning.

To avoid such dilemma, you can take advantage of an Atkins Diet plan which will require a small amount of carbs into your foods throughout the later phases of the diet, consequently slowing down the weight reduction but with a healthier result on the whole if you apply it on a long term basis.

How can a Low-Carb Diet Help You Lose Weight Effectively?

Basically, a low carbohydrate diet will help you feel the difference fast; give you more energy, as well as control blood pressure and cholesterol.

Atkins diet will help you feel the difference immediately, as you will feel that you are much lighter than before, and of course you will get an ideal weight. It is because the Atkins diet recipes will exclude the foods with high calorie or low nutrition such as spaghetti or pies (they are all carbs). It will also be beneficial in getting rid of excessive fat like the one around your stomach. The focal point of the Atkins Diet is primarily on how to use dairy products with low fat, bulk protein, as well as foods containing a lot of fiber.
With Atkins Diet, you will also get rid of the sugar rush and a quick energy boost so you will not get hungry easily since the level of carbohydrate within you is reduced. When you don’t have cravings, it means that the metabolism of your body is stable so that you will be able to have a release of energy that is much longer. When you take advantage of the Atkins Diet recipes, you will also increase your mental focus, and your mood will become more stable as well.

Another benefit of using Atkins Diet plan is that your cholesterol as well as blood pressure will be controlled because foods high in carbs may harden your arteries, increase blood pressure, as well as make you be overweight. When you are able to avoid the 3 things, consequently your risk of developing cardiovascular diseases such as stroke, heart attack, and others will be reduced.

Foods in the Atkins Diet Plan

When you are committed to take advantage of the Atkins Diet recipes, be prepared to say good bye to the foods you typically enjoy. In a low-carb diet, your purpose is to get rid of a great deal of foods you may regard as necessary, such as bread, pasta, rice, and everything containing flour. This includes foods rich in complex carbs such as potatoes, as well as anything that comes with sugar, and several fruits are included. If you usually enjoy cereals, you should also be prepared to say good bye to those that are not carbohydrate-reduced, and basically you should be ready to part with some foods you may be surprised of. Such low calorie foods are not allowable in the Atkins Diet.

On the other hand, the fact is that this type of diet is not as bad as it seems. There are actually several Atkins diet recipes with cautiously considered ingredients that will be tasty and healthy. Remember, you can still eat delicious foods such as meat and eggs. Several fruits that are low in carbs like strawberries can still be consumed, as well as foods that are low-fat protein-rich such as soybeans, plus certain particular dairy foods. Therefore, you don’t need to worry as you can still eat various tasty foods you can use in your Atkins Diet plan.

If you prepare the ingredients properly, you can have great, tasty, as well as healthy serving of foods that will enable you to do your activities well. You can find lots of Atkins Diet recipes that have been put together to be created into a book of low-carbohydrate diet recipe. For your healthy menus, the recipes included in the recipe book have been carefully evaluated entirely, and they are suitable with the Atkins Diet plan.

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