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Hi and welcome to Atkins Diet Recipes. This blog has been set up to explain what the Atkins Diet is and how it can benefit you in your quest for healthier living.

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The Atkins Diet was created by Dr. Robert Atkins which rapidly turned into a ground-breaking and exhilarating diet plan that has been used by dieters as well as weight watchers. If you follow the Atkins Diet recipes, you will have to consume low calorie foods with low carbohydrate which are healthy and tasty. Since the first time of its creation, the Atkins Diet has become a well-known name and preferred by dieters all over the world.

The Basic Principle of Atkins Diet

Shopping for Atkins Diet RecipesThe principle of Atkins Diet revolves around reducing foods with low carbohydrate so the insulin level will also be reduced, therefore resulting in stable metabolism. The Atkins Diet is popular among those with diabetes, who have low insulin level in the body, as well as those who still want to enjoy delicious foods while dieting. Although there are many researches stating that Atkins Diet is effective, this type of diet plan has actually aroused some controversies.

The Atkins Diet has theories that are different from the common ones. Dr. Atkins stated that the obesity suffered by Western people has two underlying causes which are unidentified before.  He claimed that obesity is primarily caused by consuming refined carbs such as sugar, high-fructose corn syrups, as well as flour. He also asserted that saturated fat should not be blamed for obesity, rather it is Trans fats contained in sources like hydrogenated oils that should be kept away from. As a result, Dr. Atkins did not agree with the notion of food pyramids, and he claimed that the rapid increase of refined carbs is the one that caused the growing metabolic disorders of the twentieth century. He also added that people has focused too much on the negative effects of dietary fat, although in fact it had added to the obesity problem because the quantity of foods that stimulate insulin in the diet is increased.

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