Atkins Diet Plan Controversy?

The Outline of Atkins Diet Plan

The Atkins diet was created by Robert Atkins that was made popular through a book entitled The New Diet Revolution. Atkins claimed that you can still eat fat and protein, but you should reduce or eliminate carbs to be able to lose weight. Therefore, the diet plan is controversial but still popular among dieters. In fact, the popularity of the Atkins Diet once had grown so high that various low-carbohydrate foods were started to get marketed. On the other hand, although it’s still preferred by many dieters, the popularity of the Atkins Diet has fallen lately since not everyone can follow this type of diet or maintain eating low calorie foods.

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When it comes to applying the Atkins Diet plan, there are varied reports of those who are successful and not. One of the reasons why people don’t get the results they want is maybe because they have not really followed the whole diet plan. Despite failure reports, studies revealed that there are many others who have achieved their weight loss goals with Atkins Diet in a short period of time. If you would like to successfully follow the Atkins Diet, you may look for the diet plan online at eDiets. To be successful, follow the diet plan provided by eDiets carefully.

Atkins Diet Products

Atkins Nutritionals was a company founded by the late Dr. Robert Atkins in 1989. The company manufactures low-carb foods appropriate with the Atkins diet. The foods are available under the brand Atkins Advantage.

The Outline of Atkins Diet

Atkins Diet basically restricts the consumption of carbohydrate. It means that you should limit foods such as bread, complex carbohydrates, cereal, pasta, as well as foods with sugar. The portion or size is not limited, and those following the Atkins Diet may still eat various foods with carb such as steak, chicken, pork chops, seafood, eggs, duck, all kinds of meats, turkey, salads, fatty salad dressings, nuts, cheeses as well as Atkins shakes and bars.


The Atkins Diet has been a subject of debate since it involves the consumption of a high-fat diet. As an addition, the exact guidelines about the types of fats dieters can consume are not available. If you follow the Atkins Diet, you can eat more fat than what the government have recommended, which is no more than 30% of fat in our foods. Atkins is not a typical diet that limits carbohydrate, but it nearly does not allow any carbohydrate. In fact it allows only around 20 grams to 30 grams of carbohydrate per day. What’s more, the long term effect, which is Ketosis, is still open to discussion. The short term results are indeed obtainable, but the long term ones are questionable. On the other hand, the long term result may still be achieved with a small amount of carbs all through the later phases of the diet, so weight reduction will be slowed down and the long term result may be healthier.

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