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About Me (Author Of Atkins Diet Recipes)

Hi there! I’m a Graphic Designer and aspiring artist by night, and this is my blog. I have a little dog named Chica, and I like playing golf. (And I am currently single and looking to hook up with somebody compatible…any women interested don’t be shy.)

I also have always struggled with my weight and have tried all sorts of different diets and weight loss programs. Nothing really worked that well until I tried the Atkins diet.

I guess everybody is different and different diets and programs work well for some and not for others. For me, the Atkins Diet worked wonders. There is something about the whole way it works that just kind of gelled with me. The low carb diet recipes in the Atkins diet Recipes Ebook are all delicious and if you keep using them and also following the recommendations set in the book, you are bound to lose weight and keep it off. It worked for me anyway.

Finally I am now confident enough with my looks and weight (thanks to this atkins diet recipes ebook) to put myself out there as an attractive available single guy…lol..blush

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